#TransformationTuesday @williambeckett and I! 2007-2014

William Beckett @ Corporation, Sheffield - 13/04/14

I’ve seen this photo pop up everywhere recently and it actually took me ages to figure out where I’d seen it before. Turns out it’s mine and I took it back when I saw TAI in 2008 and completely forgot - I only remembered because I’ve had the actual photograph of it on my wardrobe for the past 6 years.
What’s really cool about this photo is it was a really defining gig for me. I wouldn’t be doing what I do today if it weren’t for this gig because it was then I decided that I really wanted to dive in to music journalism and be more serious with my writing. Here I am 6 years later, a trainee journalist and freelance music journalist, going to see this guy again in Glasgow on Wednesday. I remember being front and centre at this gig and it still remains my favourite gig of all time. I’m very excited every time I see my photos or writing floating about the web and glad people still like these oldies!

Also adding this to my collection of photos I took of William Beckett in 2008.
Fact: this is so old I had to download it off of my own flickr.
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